From our nose to yours.

Our raison d’être is to be the source of high-end spatial perfume design. Our fragrance compositions add layers of liveliness to interior aesthetics. We enjoy the creative process of translating spaces into inspiring interiors that generate feelings of well-being and awaken olfactory perception. Nature is the purveyor of all the living materials with which we play. We honour her by making sacrifices to ensure that we leave her in a better state than we once found her.

We’re here for brands that value interior design, well-curated hotel spaces, retail and interior designers. We’re here to deliver the best and to challenge ourselves to delve deeper, strive for essence, and grow in creativity at every opportunity. Our role is to serve and to let others shine.


Our fragrances are the cornerstone of our house and the foundation of our success. By sourcing the world for new ingredients and suppliers we have created an extraordinary palette of raw materials to create the truly rich and unique scent compositions that make up our intriguing, well-curated library.

Our bespoke fragrance formulas and acclaimed library form the start of every fragrance project. They arise from collaborations with master perfumers who are virtuosos in translating iconic interiors into unique, one-of-a-kind fragrance compositions.

Our inexhaustible drive and knowledge ensure that we let others shine. Our love of the creative process and our artisan way of working combined with an exceptional collection of primary packaging make us the source in spatial perfume design and the gateway to every conceivable perfume project.


Translating identities and interiors into unique fragrance compositions is the reason for our existence. By adding a layer of invisible luxury, we bring a new and alive dimension to interior aesthetics. No matter whether a space breathes minimalism or is a globetrotter’s cabinet, each interior has the characteristics for making it our best project ever.


The Nose & Partners team is a club of inquisitive individuals. All with exceptional imaginative and inventive qualities. All share an artisan approach. Every member of the family is after that customer’s smile by working together towards one goal, bringing the olfactory into every interior. We have a proven track record of helping established brands move forward, yet we love to support artist and cool niche brands. We consider ourselves more than just a supplier. We go that extra mile, just as you would expect from a dedicated partner.