Studio des Bouvrie


Some names hardly need an introduction. The Studio des Bouvrie, founded in 1986, is an exemplary example of this. It was in the same 1980s that des Bouvrie introduced sleek shapes, symmetry, and light. A vision that revolutionized the living rooms of thousands of people.

In the nineties, the unprecedented creative synergy between Jan and Monique des Bouvrie led to the purchase and complete renovation of the historic army barracks located in the fortified city of Naarden. The result, more than a thousand square meters of living inspiration and the heart of the creative studio. All this under the name Het Arsenaal.


Our relationship with Studio des Bouvrie has developed over the years as a trusted and valued partnership. The Arsenaal, which offers space for various style rooms, is enriched by multiple scent diffusers. The carefully curated spaces are furnished with interior pieces from renowned brands and decorated with art and design from both emerging and established artists. Each room is unique and breathes its own characteristics and experience.

The challenge for the Samsara and the Naga collection was to develop two fragrances that at first sight seem opposites, but when experienced come together to form a complementary whole.

‘If you are looking for a partner who is hands-on, quick, and thinks alongside you, Nose and Partners is your answer!’
— Monique des Bouvrie
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The Samsara collection

The composition of the Samsara collection is characterized as a modern sensuous amber scent with a warm glow of lacquered wood. The aromatic patchouli and the booziness of dark rum enhance the rich character of the fragrance.

The Samsara collection can be recognized by the use of light and transparent packaging with both black and white decoration. The collection consists of a large 225 cc candle and a 500 ml reed diffuser. By using transparent glassware for the diffuser, the almost golden perfume concentrate draws all the attention.

The Naga collection

As a mysterious counterpart, the Naga collection is characterized by the use of dark glassware and packaging. Where the Samsara attracts attention through the warm color of the perfume concentrate, it is the stylistically illustrated snake that draws attention to the glassware and packaging of the Naga products.

The appearance of the packaging reflects the characteristics of the fragrance. A traditional and luxurious oud fragrance with characteristics of unique mineralic sal tree. The use of dark resins such as benzoin and labdanum give the scent a mysterious character, while the saffron contributes to the almost oriental experience.

Both the products from the Samsara and the Naga collection can be found in the des Bouvrie webshop. It is even better to visit the Arsenaal and be amazed by the fantastically decorated style rooms, the chosen design items, works of art and illustrations.