We're here to translate your interior into a scented story.
Why you should add fragrance to your commercial space

When you regularly welcome visitors, you realize all too well how important the overall atmosphere of a commercial space is. The moment customers enter your company, their first impression is formed. An inviting and well-designed space contributes to a positive experience and determines how your location is experienced and assessed.

As an interior fragrance house, we are uniquely able to develop scents that enhance the characteristics of your brand and interior. With our in-house developed professional scent systems, we know how to translate your location into a unique and exclusive experience.

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Professional high-tech scent system

Our scent diffusers are equipped with the latest technology developed in-house. For example, our scent cube features cold compression technology that prevents delicate perfume oils being damaged during the diffusion process. A micro-mist dispersion system spreads the perfume oil in microscopic aerosols. This method guarantees a dry and consistently balanced release in the interior.

Scent experience up to 250 m2

Our high-tech scent diffuser has been specially developed for larger commercial spaces. one device can scent a room up to 250 m2. The output of the scent to be diffused is easy to regulate so that you can control how intensely the scent is experienced. You can set a timer via the mobile app so that the diffuser is only operational at times that suit you.

Refills that last a month

No complicated installation or terribly long instructions for use, our fragrance diffusers work plug and play and are completely maintenance-free due to the lack of moving parts. To spread the scent, we supply easy-to-replace refills with perfume concentrate. The contents of the refills are tailored to the use of your device and last approximately a whole month.

Start cross-selling your private label fragrance products

We consider ourselves the source for every fragrance project. It is therefore self-evident that in addition to scenting interiors, we also develop additional fragrance products. Create a memorable brand experience with a room spray, scented candle, reed diffuser or let us translate your scent into a private label eau de perfume.

Because we produce everything in-house, we can supply private label products from 20 pieces. If you would like to know more about all our fragrance products, please contact us. We are ready to help you on your way.