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We call our fragrance collection The Library. This bibliothèque is home to the formulas of an extensive collection of fragrance compositions available for each distinctive fragrance project.

Each composition exudes its own characteristics and has been developed from an interiors-focused perspective.

Our fragrances are the cornerstone of our house and the foundation of our success. Drawing upon this vision, we collaborate with talented perfumers, all of whom are virtuosos in translating interiors into unique fragrance compositions in an ongoing process of research, creation, and evaluation.


We take a holistic approach to bespoke fragrance compositions where a brand's every aspect is taken into consideration. In these projects, customer-specific elements such as characteristics, interior, desired brand experience and overall identity are included to develop a truly one-of-a-kind fragrance.


Our fragrances are the bedrock of our entire mission. To create fragrances truly capable of adding a layer of vibrancy to any interior imaginable, collaboration with virtuoso perfumers is essential.

Our work with renowned perfumers has resulted in a library of fragrances of which we are legitimately proud. These same perfumers play a decisive role in the realisation of our iconic bespoke fragrance projects.


The creation of beautiful fragrances requires a no-compromise approach in matters of quality and complexity. Each fragrance draws upon a rich palette of raw materials sourced from respected suppliers and manufacturers. The care we put into sourcing ingredients is borne of a desire to develop high quality fragrances that are a delight to inhale.

For us, sustainability plays a challenging but fulfilling role. We believe that our existence offers us the opportunity to give something back to the earth. We are committed to the 2 for 1 metre principle, where we restore 2 metres of forest for every metre we have borrowed from Mother Nature.

We enrich reality. Call it augment. Extra sensorial layers on top of spatial identities. Refined and invisible luxury.

We are a creative interior perfume house with a focus on technology. Our engineering-centred approach is apparent from years of in-depth research into optimal diffusion technology, the in-house development, and the local production of fragrance delivery systems.

Our scent diffusers are equipped with the latest technology developed in-house. For example, our scent cube features cold compression technology that prevents delicate perfume oils being damaged during the diffusion process. A micro-mist dispersion system spreads the perfume oil in microscopic aerosols. This method guarantees a dry and consistently balanced release in the interior.

We believe that technology, ease of use, and aesthetics can go hand in hand. The plug-and-play refills and flexible placement ensure optimal ease of use, while a high-quality material finish with an elegant body and a whisper-quiet operation ensure the scent cube compliments any interior.

No matter whether your space breathes minimalism or is a globetrotter’s cabinet. We know how to translate your values into a fragrance.

The combination of glassware, artwork, and packaging is at the visual and sensory heart of every fragrance development project.

We work with leading packaging industry players. Nevertheless, we cannot deny that our hearts beat faster when we collaborate with partners from other artistic disciplines. Creatives who add that bit of extra value to a project.

Although we have a track record in guiding established brands, we are equally happy to help cool, niche brands move forward. To continue to support these partners, we use a unique MOQ when offering interior essentials.